Be Careful Where You Advertise

Get your name out there. Put it everywhere. If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely either been told this or thought it once or twice. Maybe there was a time when it was okay to advertise and put your name and brand everywhere, but I’d argue we are long past that period in history.

People have hard formed opinions about everything. From what news is biased, what slant they will accept as truth, and what they will reject fully. From great shows, to don’t waste your time it’s so lame shows. From team Apple to team Droid, who’s the best and worst in the NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL. But no line has been drawn harder than that between the Democrats and Republicans. The divide between parties has grown to its greatest ever in history.

It can be a tricky game determining where to spend advertising dollars. Proper consideration must be given to the fan base, potential audience and the possible outcomes of where they see your ad posted. Now there’s additional pressures and opinions to weigh in. Say you feature Mexican Americans, Muslim Americans or Asian Americans in your ad, you are now considered to be making a stance against Trump. Placing ads on CNN’s website will encourage readers to consider it more liberal, while advertising on Fox would get your brand deemed conservative. Or, you could have your ads set on alt-right news sites and make the biggest wave.

Breitbart, the right-wing news and opinion site, has made headline news recently. Most notably because Trump’s top senior aid, Steve Bannon, formerly ran the site. So far 820 companies have blocked their ads from being featured on Breibart’s website. Brands including Kellogg’s, Visa, BMW, Lenovo, HP, Vimeo and Lyft have all blocked their ads from showing on Breibart. Some have even made public statements to denounce continued advertising on the news site.

These brands realize they can only advertise places that uphold and share similar values. Breibart favors alt-right news and a white homeland- companies that don’t agree with this sentiment must be wary of advertising on such a site.

Like it or not, consumers are very judgy. Advertise on the wrong site, and you will be judged sorely. But at the same time, you can pick sites and places that align with your value and mission statements, and be judged in a very positive way.

Where are you currently advertising? Have you considered the impact of your ad placement choices? Let’s talk and see if you’re giving customers the right image of your brand or if we need to fine tune your marketing strategies.

- Mallory

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