Cool Stuff to Stay Organized

Whether you own your own bustling business or not, organization is key in being prepared and tackling the days to come. I’ve rounded up a few fun, DIY ways to help tap into your creative side and give you the organization tools needed to take 2018 by the horns..or calendars and other organizational tools ;)

  1. Make the most of each day with a to do list. It always feels so great getting to cross items off these lists. Want to download a customizable to do list? The Gathering Beauty blog has your back:

  2. Need inspirational calendars to decorate your space? Here are 15 of the coolest calendars to track your appointments and upcoming project deadlines:

  3. Don’t have a place to stick your keepsakes and mantras? This grid will compliment any desk space, without compromising on space very much. Courtesy of TTSM blog.

  4. If the small wire frame above is not big enough for all your keepsakes and memos, here is a larger wire grid to decorate your wall space with that I LOVE:

  5. And saving my favorite for last: DIY projects to help organize your workspace. These ideas are perfect for even the smallest of work stations.

And in case you are all squared away with mantras, motivational sayings and already have your rock star calendar, here are some fun modern prints to simply add some flare to your work and or creative space!

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