Improve Customer Engagement on Social Media

If you have any business social media accounts, you understand that engaging followers isn't always an easy task. It feels like you have to constantly post fresh content, respond quickly to comments and requests, hold people's attention and be both timely AND relevant. Not only are you tasked with keeping the current audience captivated, you have to consider ways that will also draw in new users (customers).

So, how do successful accounts juggle all this?

- Piggyback on trending topics including events, news and even policies impacting your business or consumers. It is much easier to insert yourself in discussion already happening than it is to generate conversation from scratch.

- Don't try to create all of your own content. Other platforms create content relevant to your industry. Find them. Follow them. SHARE their content. Change your trail of thinking from being a content creator to a content curator.

- Optimize visuals. Accounts that are visually appealing and stand out from the crowd garner greater follows and higher engagement. Alternate photos, text and video.

- Find ways to connect and engage with your most involved followers with mentions or hashtags. Rewarding them publicly will skyrocket engagement. DO IT.

- Try posting at different times and pay attention to engagement. Chances are certain times will work better for posting content depending on your followers and their social activity.

Beyond these key tips, PRSA has 8 ironclad ways to increase social media engagement:

1. Always be posting.

2. Stay relevant by being timely.

3. Be bold.

4. Get to know your audience.

5. Run campaigns and promotions.

6. Have a personality.

7. Post when your audience is watching.

8. Make your posts (and your page) visually appealing.

For more insight to rock engagement on social media, our team would love to talk with you. We curate content so you don't have to that is highly relevant to your specific audience and industry. We can also provide coaching so you can be the well oiled machine crushing social media for your business.

Have a success story? We'd love to hear it. Send us an email or schedule an appointment with us. We'll treat you to a cup of Joe while you share.

This piece was written by Queen Bee and founder,


Resource: PRSA Strategies and Tactics, August 2018 Issue. Volume 1 Number 8. pg 5.

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