Marketing Video Creation in a 4-Step Approach

As more than 55% of the population tunes into video on a daily basis, brands are understanding their need to create video content is becoming essential to telling their brand stories. 400+ hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day. Needless to say, that raises an important question: How dan you make your brand's video content stand out?

Most importantly, I believe, you must remember that creating the video is only one component in the overall process. The other components really help your business create the blueprint for videos, so your content is consistent, follows your brand message, hits your goals, and will be well received by your customers and viewers.

1. Idea:

It's crucial to develop strategic ideas for video topics that align with your business goals// products and services to reach your target audience.

2. Creation:

When creating video content, ensure you meet your brand's goals. Even when you go "Live", you must think and plan ahead. What message are you conveying here? What wording should you use, and what words should you avoid? What is the point of this video? What do you want customers/viewers to DO once they watch your video: subscribe, shop, contact you?

3. Amplify

Amplify your message by posting content on multiple channels. Use the PESO (paid, earned, shared and owned) model to spread your message.

4. Evaluate

Don't just go all willy-nilly posting videos without strategizing in advance. ALSO - don't just think strategy alone is enough and continue to post content day after day, week after week, month after month without evaluating each video. Social media, Youtube, even your own platform, keep great analytics to measure the success of each video. Pay attention to this, and be willing to adjust your strategy in real time (as you go) based on what the data AKA your customers shows.

There is no cookie cutter trick to making viral content. Emotion is key. Consider how each video will create a specific emotional appeal to your viewers - whether it's a give away that will make them excited, or a how-to that leaves them feeling empowered and capable - consider and thoughtfully plan their emotional responses. Emotional content is naturally more shared than generic video content.


the Bees Knees PR, Queen Bee


If you are looking for help brainstorming your video content strategies and planning video content, we are here for you. Send me a message to discuss how to help your brand stand out in the sea of video content.

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