I'll skip over the whole, Happy New Year announcement as I'm sure you've already heard that 5 times too many at this point, and dive right into it!

You may (or may not) have noticed that we took on a new form with the new year. Enter B Hive Branding, stage left.

This year, our team sat down and discussed the goals that we have for the business this year, and where we would like to see the company head. It quickly dawned on us that we serve our honeycomb much more than just practical PR tactics and campaigns. We are a full-service brand building agency.

One goal of ours is to push forward with more growth, helping more businesses in 2019 than ever before in their various problem areas in advertising, marketing, strategizing and overall growth.

B Hive Branding offers print + digital advertising, web + graphic design, business, brand and product photography + videography, PR + ghost writing, event planning, social media strategies + creates content, and overall business planning.

Our name (the Bees Knees PR, LLC.) was limiting us from being able to market our full range of services. As the owner and founder, I was in a bit of shock. When I launched this business in 2016, I knew there was a need for PR in SEIA. I thought I would be successful in the world of PR, but the thought never occurred to me that I'd quickly dive into other areas to further assist businesses like we have. I've teamed up with experts in videography, design, and marketing to help me tackle my goals and our growth has been incredible.

To my clients, we thank you so much for trusting your business with us. We are thrilled to launch our new name and rebrand ourselves as your whole engine for all marketing and advertising goals. With the rebrand, we are now offering a referral bonus! This is for all current members of the Hive, and is extended to new members once they join our team.

For each business (or individual) that joins the hive via referral - BOTH parties get a $150 credit to use with B Hive Branding. Use this credit towards updating the photos and headshots of your team members and business, refresh your website, cash in on a social media content calendar and more!

If you're goals for 2019 include improving your marketing tactics, growing your business, building a website, rebranding, or launching your business, what are you waiting on? Join the Hive and the dozens of businesses who trust their business branding with the B Hive Branding team. Let's get you buzzzzin'!

- Mallory

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