2017 is upon us- for some this means starting a new business, while for others it is a time to evaluate last year’s trends and determine the best course to set for the company in 2017. Either way, a major consideration for marketing strategy is your online presence. 2016 saw continued growth in the online gaming market. The worldwide gaming market’s net worth came in at $91 billion for 2016, and mobile gaming leading the way with a $41 billion market value. Free-to-play apps and online titles are the largest drivers of the tremendous growth; going beyond the traditional ‘gamer’ dynamic and incorporating a playable media audience for the most valuable demographic of users.

Brand owners are paying close attention and many are eagerly jumping on board to create their own game apps as another way to reach, connect, and interact with their customer base. Interactive gaming apps can be a brilliant means to generate product awareness and instill a unique brand image to users. Gaming apps most generally have positive user experiences, which lead the consumer back time and time again. With the ability to be built in with social media as well, it allows the phenomenally instant exposure to the masses with only a few clicks, likes, and shares.

For businesses who sell products, games that encourage the user to collect items, or build their own cupcake/pizza/ice cream treat online and then redeem for a coupon are a great concept. Done well, the apps themselves can even create their own stream of income for the business, and increase the overall exposure of the business. However, gaming apps may not be the best fit for engagement and increasing ROI for all businesses. Much media, and public relations campaigns must be built on the individual business goals and needs basis.

How could your business benefit from a free to play gaming app, or another form of engaging online marketing campaign?


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