Snapchat Goes Public

Snap Inc., owner of the five-year-old Snapchat app is going public in one of the most notable tech public offerings in several years. Snap also launched Spectacles, sunglasses that double as a camcorder, last month. Spectacles sell for $130 per pair. The sunglasses help diversify Snap, making its revenue stream from both hardware and software.

Snap’s focus has always been about helping users have a new way to connect with others. Recognizing both technology and hardware will evolve in the future, they appear to be prepping themselves for the next wave. Undoubtedly, this is attractive to potential investors.

While it would seem Snap is trying to differentiate itself from Facebook, Snapchat has taken on a few updates that make it rival other social media sites. In an update last Thursday, Snapchat now features a search bar along the top, and you can send pictures to the Snap headquarters from anywhere around the globe. Employees then determine which to feature on their story, which can be viewed by all users across the planet.

The search bar effectively allows users to search for any person, brand, media companies and others for quick viewing of their latest posts. Snapchat appears to be setting itself up to be users primary go to for breaking news; rather than Google, Twitter or Facebook. Artificial Intelligence, could help users search for any curated content by users in the past 24 hours for the given search term by combining the efforts of the two updates.

With Snap going public, expanding markets, and enhancing user experience, Snapchat is quickly becoming a primary app for advertising attention. It is vital to business success to meet loyal customers and potential customers where they are. Snapchat does just that. If your brand hasn’t yet jumped on the Snapchat wave, now is the time to leap.

If your business is interested in seeing different ways Snapchat and other social media platforms can enhance your business transparency, communication, and increase your customer base, give me a call or send me an email today. Bees Knees PR, LLC offers free social media and online audits for all businesses. Let’s get together and discuss ways to set a social media strategy sure to succeed soon.


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