The Best Photo Editing Apps

While creating a free digital download for members of my hive, walking through taking high-quality photos with their phones to improve engagement and overall sales through social media, the thought occurred to me: even if you follow my 25 tips for taking pictures, you will likely still need to do some editing to help pop the color, enhance the white, etc., so I decided to round up my favorite photo editing apps and share them here! Now if you aren't a member of my hive, but after reading this, downloading the apps and getting better images - you decide that you'd like to download my FREE downloadable guide loaded with tips to take better photos, click the login button at the top of my website and join my hive now!

Okay, check out my top free and inexpensive photo editing apps:

1. VSCO Cam

Free | iOS | Android

Filters make (nearly) everything look better! VSCO Cam has become a highly popular photo editing app for mobile. It boasts a wide set of editing tools, BUT its main claim to fame is its filters.

These filters have a softer, more authentic look that resembles real film, compared to the over-saturated looks of many Instagram filters. Plus, it's great for when you need to edit a photo on the fly. Simply upload the photo to VSCO Cam, slap on one of the great filters, and you are ready to share on social! While the app is free, you can unlock more filters with a paid subscription

2. Afterlight

$0.99 | iOS | Android | Windows

Once upon a time, I was a bit more old-school in my photo editing. I relied on Instagram tools alone, sometimes combining them with the "enhance" feature on my phone's Photos app. Things changed when I learned about Afterlight. Afterlight is pretty basic, but has all the features you need to do a basic photo edit.

Afterlight has everything you need for lighting or color fixes. It also contains 74 filters, including a Fusion feature that lets you mix tools, filters, and textures to create your own personal look. It has 100+ frames, too - but I don't encourage the use of frames for product photos.

My favorite tools on the app are for adjusting Brightness and Shadows. Some pictures do well with a decrease in shadows and increase in brightness for cleaner, fresher look. But flipping those around can also create a more mysterious, nighttime feel. It is a fun app to play around with!

3. Snapseed

Free | iOS | Android

Snapseed has all the classic adjustment tools, such as tuning, cropping, and straightening. Basically, it's another outstanding app for basic edits. It's winning feature is the sharpening tool. The tool enhances a photo's detail without making it look grainy, like many other photo sharpening adjusters out there.

But what makes this tool particularly unique is its "Selective Adjust" tool. It allows you to pinpoint an area in a photo and adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of that single point. If you've snapped a great shot for social, but afraid customers will not know what to focus on, you can sharpen that element while blurring the rest of the image. BOOM!

4. Photoshop Express

Free | iOS | Android

Did you know, you can have a tool that most pros use on their desktops and laptops on your phone? Adobe Photoshop Express puts lighting, color, and sharpness options right in a handy app for phones so you can edit like a pro, on the fly.

There are a few limitations to using the mobile Express version, such as limited editing features compared to the suite, and inability to import and edit photos larger than 16 Mb. If you like using Adobe's platform, you should also download Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Capture.

5. Foodie

Free | iOS | Android

If you're in the food or restaurant industry, your social feed is likely loaded with images of food, or it SHOULD be. Anyone promoting edible items to consumers should absolutely become BFFs with this app. Bustle says foodie takes "food pictures to some next level gorgeous." - And really, what business wouldn't want your items to be NEXT LEVEL gorgeous??!

Foodie uses more than 30 filters and other editing features to turn what might otherwise be a meh image into a virtual WOW, guaranteed to bring foodies through your door, or placing orders with you!

iPhone photo editing apps

6. Camera+

$2.99 | iOS

Lifehacker calls Camera+ "The Best Camera App for iPhone," with TIME writing, "If the iPhone's standard camera is like a digital point-and-shoot, the Camera+ app is like a high-quality SLR lens."

Its image stabilizer, helps you capture the sharpest photos possible before you even take a picture, is one serious gem. But, likely its BEST feature is the Clarity filter. The Wall Street Journal's Kevin Sintumuang calls it "secret sauce -- it adds pro-camera crispness to almost any shot."

7. Enlight

$3.99 | iOS

Enlight is the winner of the Apple Design Award in 2017 . Among its 10 different photo editing features, the app's Photo Mixer allows you to blend multiple photos together -- or combine a photo with text -- for a super artistic result.

According to Les Shu of Digital Trends, Enlight is "a powerful Photoshop-like app, minus the steep learning curve."

Need to Improve Facial Shots?

8. Facetune

$3.99 on iOS | $5.99 on Android

A top facial editing app in more than 120 countries, Facetune allows you to make up for unflattering mobile photos with it's seemingly professional features.

The app offers eight different types of corrections and enhancements to a person's face -- including their hair, eyes, skin, and smile. Now you can take your own high-quality selfie to update your LinkedIn and other professional platforms. It will also enable you to take incredible photos of your happy customers to share on social media! I sense a winner here!

Hop on your phones app store, download these prize editing apps and then get out there with your phone camera, and snap some pictures! Practice make perfect, or at least progress; so get your practice on! Depending on your industry and the style of photos you take and share, you will quickly find which of these apps will really boost your social toolkit.

However, if you are looking for professional photos, give me a call or schedule an appointment. I highly suggest that you invest in professional images once per year to update your website, swap out that old banner image on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and freshen up your marketing materials.

Have fun editing!

- Queen Bee

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