Turn Your Employees Into Your Brand Ambassadors

Your employees are the soul of your business. Wherever they are and whatever they are doing, they are representing your business - and brand. You could spend hours each day writing press releases, posting on social media and attending events to generate awareness of your brand, but you're missing out on a gold mine, and will always come up short. Your employees should be brand ambassadors for you.

You may be wondering how you can turn your employees into this so called brand ambassadors? Well, there are a few tricks to put into practice:

1. Share your businesses boilerplate.

Create a short snippet, 1-2 sentences, that showcases your business - who you are and what you do. Encourage each employee to put that boilerplate in their social profiles + add what their role is with the business.

2. Create a great work environment.

If you want your employees to talk positively about your business, give them a reason to do so. Put them first by giving them a place they love to work. We love to talk about the things we love and the things we hate. Be sure your business is a place your employee loves to be and they will naturally share the positivity on their own.

3. Provide perks for bringing in business.

Offering new business incentives encourages your employees to share products and services on their social media and out in public. You could offer discounts, free items, a percentage of the new business sales or something else. Figure out what matters most to your employees - and incentivizes them and reward them accordingly.

4. Send them to events.

Sending employees to various community events works two-fold for you. First, your employees will feel appreciated when you hook them up with a pair of tickets to a hot event and second, your brand will now have some representation at the event. You can send them to events out of town that will help your business: a fashion marketing meeting, with you merchandizing, to a seminar or conference that will provide them further skills and training to empower their work for you. Get them active. Get them involved. While they are there, you can welcome them to tag your business, or even do a social takeover for an hour or day while they are there.

When you fine-tune turning your employees into advocates for your brand, the quicker you will grow sales and reach greater business goals.



Queen Bee

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